master bath change up

Ok, remember this floor plan we came up with for the master bath slash closet combo? Well, our buddy Craig was in town this weekend and said no way. Why? He says that we’d have to build a new wall along the exterior to provide proper insulation for the plumbing fixtures. So… we went back to the drawing board and came up with this:

I know it says 2′ per box but this thing is definitely not to scale. Just a loose layout of what we’d like to do. Craig thinks the floor is strong enough to support a center bathtub, which I think is amazing, so I hope he’s right! I’d love to do something with a wide ledge that we can sit on, kinda like this beauty I found via Pinterest.


But I’d rather the surround be less modern and more rustic. Like the island in Sarah Richardson’s summer house.

Source: via Kris on Pinterest

But oh how I love the idea of the tub floating in the center of the room. Check out these sweet soakers.


Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

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