sinking feeling

So… a friend with some property took us on a hike last week and we spotted this sink among the ruins of an old house.

We were curious, so Sal did a little digging and exposed that it’s in decent shape. Well, as far as we can tell without a good scrub.

It’s not exactly the farmhouse sink I want for my kitchen. I’ve been thinking deeper and bigger. The shelf part on the left isn’t ideal and the backsplash might fight with the window sill our sink will be placed in front of. This is my idea of the type of sink we should get.


But, if we have a chance to get this one, I’d be open to at least considering it for the space, or, more likely, using it as an outdoor sink if we ever turn the chicken coop into an outdoor kitchen of sorts. What do you think? Is it worth the energy it’ll take to haul and clean this thing?


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